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Check Out the Top Pinterest Trends for 2019

Pinterest released their Top 100 for 2019 and the design trends do not disappoint. Released every year, this list is based on the top pins people are sharing, and of course, we had to do a deeper dive on the Home section. Revolving mainly around stand-out color and pattern choices, 2019 is sure to be bold and beautiful.

Feeling like a rebel?

Not only are pops of color coming back into style, but mustard yellow is predicted to be one of the most purchased accent/paint colors in the New Year. Anything can be repainted or swapped out, so why not give it a try!

Gettin’ prickly.

There seems to be a continued obsession with cacti and mini succulents, not only for home decor but also purchased as a gift for any celebration or event. What a unique way to migrate away from the standard flowers and regular plants idea.

Tin is the new what?

After two years of being the reigning color choice, rose gold is out and tin is in! The soft metal look brings vintage vibes to any type of home. Whether used for wallpaper, backsplashes, or accent fixtures, tin adds industrial chic to any interior.

The bolder the better.

Wallpaper is making a triumphant return to home interiors, and the more electric the better. From tropical trees to gold polka dots, the louder prints are going to be a standout this year, literally. If you are wanting to add color without the commitment try wall decals for a fun weekend project!

If you are looking to buy a house this year, check out Downtown Superior and be sure to keep these trends in mind when it’s time to decorate!

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